Beneficial Microbes Museum

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Experiencing the process of making basic lotion! It contains high-quality anti-aging and moisturizing essence: hyaluronic acid, Q10, hexapeptide, etc. ※More than 4 people can register. ※Reservation required 4 days in advance

  • Activity time

    Session/Assembly Time 09:00/10:00/11:00/13:00/14:00/15:00/16:00

  • Activity place

    No. 22, Meizhou 1st Road, Yilan City, Yilan County, Taiwan

  • Activity fee

    NT$180/person, lotion DIY needs to be reserved 4 days in advance (classes start with more than 4 people), call 03-92381168 to make an reservation or make an reservation online

  • Course content

    The course includes guided tours and lotion DIY, suitable for children aged 9-12.

Activity description

Taiwan's first microbial-themed beneficial microbes museum and tourism factory, providing educational and entertaining guided tours of microbial knowledge.

In line with the brand tenet of "probiotic microbes : externally - skin microbial maintenance, internally - the prevention and health of the human body by probiotic microecology", the pursuit of learning, experience, and happy life is the attitude of life, creating a "experience probiotics" the new brand image of health.

DIY skin care product experience package (4 people can sign up as a group!!) (including guide + optional DIY experience session + 50 yuan product voucher)


2. DIY Course (Select one: moisturizing lotion DIY+ facial mask DIY+ jelly mask DIY+ kumquat hand sanitizer DIY)

3. a free sample of probiotics




It is forbidden to bring dangerous items (such as firecrackers, laser pointers) and items that may disturb other participants into the venue.

NT$ 180 /person


Welcome to call ahead to make an reservation!