Beneficial Microbes Museum

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Beneficial Microbes Museum

Taiwan's first microbial-themed beneficial microbes museum and tourism factory, providing educational and entertaining guided tours of microbial knowledge.

About Microbes you don't know

About Microbes you don't know

The normal flora of Microbes is part of our body. The total number of cells in the human body is 60 trillion, and there are 100 trillion bacteria in the intestinal tract. Therefore, the first step in health care is to protect the intestinal tract, and good bacteria affect the whole body.


Who was the first
to discover microbes?

The first microbe wiped
out by humans?

What foods in daily
life are related to microbes?

Do you know your health and
good mood have a lot to
do with your microbes?

Have you ever wondered
how a good pack of
probiotics is made?

What are TH1 and TH2?

What is the first microbes
used by humans?

How many microbes are there
in the human body?

What is the relationship
between microbes and mold?

Are mushrooms plants?

Do you know probiotics?

What are prebiotics
and postbiotics?